Medium size bras

woman in a medium sized bra

Some girls have all the luck…
In having lots & lots of choice

With a bit of luck you will find medium size bras on stock always. I’m talking about B cups and C cups here.

For women with a petite or plus size it might be more difficult to find their sizes on every lingerie store. As for the B and C cups you can likely shop your bra in the local lingeriestore or in one of the many online stores.


Type of bras to choose from if your a medium size

You can wear any bra really. But that goes for all sizes, if only the bra fits you perfect. There is a thing about personal preferances we all know. Some women only wear wired bras, where as others hate them.

Mind you. I was not used to wear wired bras a lot because they hurted me a bit. Only after finding out my real brasize this changed. Now the wired bra is the type of bra I wear the most. And feeling very comfortabel in it.


Eberjey and Calvin Klein

Eberjey is a brand I want to mention here. Have a look at their beautiful bralettes. Lots of lace. I find some of their lingerie perfect for AA cups. But if you have like an A, B or a smaller C cup this is your brand. You can just try any model from their collection.

Bit of a warning! De lace fabrics are so nice. You just can’t stop feeling sexy when wearing a lace bralette.



Calvin Klein has a collection with all the choices you need. They offer like t-shirt bras, comfort wirefree bras, strapples push up bras. Good choice for women that looking for medium size bras.



How to get your bra fitting done in a few simple steps

The Bra Fit Center of Herroom is a very good place to visit for advice on bras.

  • watch their videos
  • learn how to measure & fit a bra
  • it tells you more about the anatomy of a bra
  • you can classify your breasts
  • many more bra and lingerie tips

bra fitting