How to shop for comfortable wired bras

woman in bra underwire

Wired bras have for some women a bad reputation. They might never or rarely wear a wired bra.

Others wear them all the time.

Why is it that women think so different about wired bras? 

I think that wired bras can be comfortable for every women. Whether see is a petite, medium or plus size, 

How come some love a wired bra and others hate them?

woman in bra underwire


Wired bras have wires

I found out that bad experiences in the past can keep women away from ever wearing a wired bra again. They may have tried wired cups once or twice. But where not happy about the feel of the bra to their body. 

Why should you punish yourself with a bra that hurts you over the day?

If you wear a wrong size wired bra the wire itself is not good for you. It is not good for your body and breasts. 

different size wires of a bra

Seeing different sized wires on the photo will help you to realize that a well fitted bra is crucial.

What if you wear a wire that is either to small or too big? The bra will not give the comfort and support like it should do. It may even start to hurt. 


How to shop for a comfortable wired bra

Maybe you’re happy with your wired bras. That’s great.

Are you not happy with the wired bras you own? Are you willing to give it another go after some bad experiences? 

From my own experience I can advice you to check on your size.

I always thought wired bras where not for me. After I learned about my own bra sizes I started also trying out wired bras again.

Today this type of bra is the one I wear the most. 

At Herroom you’ll find a collection of wired bra from about a hunderd of brands

woman in wacoal lace bra

Find your favourit materials and brands. And try some out. 

This is the only way to find out.

But always!

Always get your size right. That’s crucial for any bra you buy. The bra size you wear may not be right for you anymore. A woman may need a different bra size more than onces in her life.



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