Why the racerback bra is a musthave


Why every woman should own a least one racerback bra?

The easiest way to prove my point is showing this photo. 

racerback bra

The woman on the left is not wearing a racerback bra. The woman on the right is.

A racerback bra has their straps centered to the middle of the backband. This is how your shoulders stay free of straps.

And that’s a good thing sometimes. Isn’t it?


When to wear a racerback bra

You will need a racerback bra underneath any clothing that shows of your shoulders. 

The racerback bra can be a one piece which you need to slipp over your head. Other racerback bras have a front closure.

I really like the racerback bra. It feels secure. I never have to think about the straps.

During summer I tend to wear a racerback all the time. On a hot day I change outfits more easily. Wearing a racerback bra helps me change a lot quicker!

When wearing a wide-scooped, boat-necked or lower back outfit you might need a backless bra. This adhesive bra is strapless and backless. 


What about the sportsbra in racerback style?

You don’t want to think about your straps when excercising. Do you? The racerback bra is always firm and stays where it should be. 

During lively sports they also work well. It helps you keep the focus on your excercises. You do not need to worry about the straps.

When I do my Pilatus excercises (on the floor) I like the bra too. Lying down I will never feel any strap between my shoulder and the floor.


I selected two bras of the Herroom collection Racerback bras

The Wacoal T-Back bra features a front closure and a T-back for ease of use and superior support. Ultra breathable fabric is comfortable in warm weather. This bra may be worn for every day support or a great sports bra because it’s lightweight and wicks away moisture.


Wacoal Body by Wacoal T-Back Bra


Chantelle C Ideal Racerback Spacer Bra

Spacer foam cups deliver maximum air flow for all day comfort. This sleek bra has a convenient, secure front closure and racerback that goes incognito under your warm weather tops.


Chantelle C Ideal Racerback Spacer Bra




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