About me

A bra for all women

Six years ago I started my own online lingerie store. I’ve always had a love for fashion and now I finally got to do something with this passion of mine.

It was not that I knew that much about lingerie.

On the contrary.

Bras I did buy. And I was wearing them most of the time. But they didn’t do much for me. I thought to myself it was the best I could get. My breasts are quite petite. It did not cross my mind to check my sizes. I accepted the situation with my bras.

To give my customers good advice about choosing their bra I had to get more knowledge about bras and bra sizing.

I started measuring my own sizes. I checked my sizes in a complete size chart. I found out I had a bra size I never had before. I also learned about the fact that different bra sizes might fit me.

This changed my relationship to bras completely. I became a bra LOVER instead of a women who owned some bras. 

I also started measuring women around me. The first four women where friends and my mother. Women with all different shapes and body sizes. Varying form cup size AA until D+.

Three of the four women where not wearing the right bra size. It showed and the women themselves found so to. They felt the bad fitted bra all day and it showed in the mirror. 

What did these women have in common?

These women accepted their bra like it was. Not well fitted and not taking some time to get into their bra sizes.

It must be so human to stick to bra that doesn’t fit you, or may never have fitted you. Sometimes we stick to something that is not good for us. Like a bad fitted bra. It must be just the case. It sure was like that for me for so many years. 


I believe in a well fitted bra for all women, whether she is a petite, medium or plus size.

I do not have the online lingerie store anymore but work in the internetmarketing. 

My love for bras is still BIG.

My mission is making as many women as possible happy bra LOVERS 

Once you know how a well fitted bra feels? You’ll never will want to go back.

Because our breasts can change during live I recommend you to measure more than once.

  • Take a litte bit of your time and discover your sizes.
  • Take control of your choice of bra 
  • Learn what size or even sizes might fit you best

A well fitted bra feels comfortabel and looks great. Your clothes looks better en you feel more womenly.

yeh…. more sexy



Do you have a question? Please contact me.