I believe in a well fitted bra for every woman!

It must be so human to stick to bra that doesn’t fit you, or may never have fitted you. Getting the wrong bra size is not that difficult. It sure was like that for me for so many years.

Sometimes we stick to something that is not good for us. Like a bad fitted bra.

I believe in a well fitted bra for all women, whether she is a petitemedium or plus size.

It is my mission to turn as many women as possible into happy bra LOVERS.


Knowing your own sizes

It all starts with knowing your own sizes. The next step is to learn which size or sizes may fit you. A lot of women can wear different sizes and their bras all fit them just fine. 

wrong bra size measure tape


A well fitted bra feels comfortabel and looks great. Your clothes looks better en you feel confident and womenly.

Are you wearing the wrong bra size?

Learn how to measure your band size and you cup size. Start with this short video >’how to measure my bra size’ from Herroom.