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Regular bra fitting is important

Bra fitting is no luxury.

A women’s body may change during live through several causes. If your body changes, it will often change the size or form of your breasts.

Common reasons for breasts to change are:

  • weight that you gain
  • weight that you lose
  • hormonal changes
  • your breasts may have gotten smaller after given breastfeeding
  • your breasts are sagging (more) after breastfeeding
  • your breasts are sagging (more) because of aging
  • your breast may have undergone surgery

My advice? If your not happy at this moment with your bra?

Take a litte bit of your time and learn about bra sizing. Learn about your own sizes.

And learn about sister sizes. Many women own different sizes of bras. And they all fit them well. Depending on the model or brand you may just need a different bra size sometime.


How to get your bra fitting done in a few simple steps

The Bra Fit Center of Herroom is a very good place to visit for advice on bras.

  • watch their videos
  • learn how to measure & fit a bra
  • it tells you more about the anatomy of a bra
  • you can classify your breasts
  • many more bra and lingerie tips

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